1. Dream #9


Dream #9
By Nick Justice

There’s a place in my mind where I don’t wanna go
I visit sometimes it leaves me feeling low
I can’t understand why it grips me this way
But I know it’s a debt I can’t pay

I’ve had many people help me along
Teach me what’s right teach what’s wrong
But I can’t say that I paid it much mind
Cause I never could follow the signs

I hear the lonely whistle cry
And I’m on the road alone
The train rolls down the track
Destination unknown

The blank faces staring back at me
Tell me hopes a long time gone
The promise of another dream
Was just another con

I prayed for the rain, but the rain never came
I prayed for some solace, but it drove me insane
Twenty down and forever too go
Turn on the lights start the show

Folks go hungry just about everyday
Who worries about’em well it’s just hard to say
You look to the left and you look to the right

The darkness still comes with the night