Nocona hits Outside Lands!

Photo:  Scott Dudelson/Blurt Online
Nocona had a great weekend at the Outside Lands Music Festival, kicking off Saturday's show at The Panhandle Stage, moving on to The Sierra Nevada Stage in the afternoon, and hitting the Spin/Stereogum/Brooklyn Vegan stage on Sunday afternoon! 


“Why Outside Lands booked Nocona in the dreaded “first show of the day” spot is beyond us. The honky tonkin’ Americana rock band was solid, charismatic and well deserving of a better time slot. Husband-and-wife team Chris and Adrienne Isom held down the fort with the kind of twangy guitar and vocals you usually only find on the beer-soaked stage of Tootsie’s in Nashville while Annie Rothchild beamed on upright bass. Hell, they even had their own Blues Brothers-inspired harmonica player. We’re sold.”-BOXX MAGAZINE 

“If the early bird gets the worm, then what’s the early band get? Noon may have seemed like a pretty ambitious tee time following long Friday night sets by Kanye and Arctic Monkeys, but Mexicali blues band Nocona was up to the task and then some. They literally couldn’t wait to get started. Though it’s hard believe, the Los Angeles-based five-piece actually jumped the gun on the noon kickoff, starting their set at 11:57 AM. Frontman and lead vocalist Chris Isom was fired up on “Whites of Your Eyes”, as he rattled off lyrics atop a stand-up bass and Elan Glasser’s peeling harmonica. Navigating some tricky time signature shifts, the band was sharp and precise. “Hated”, a bizarre folk song that plays like a one-star album review, had Isom whining: “You can’t play guitar/ And your lines insipid, bay-bay!” But don’t fret, Nocona. After hearing your Saturday set performance at the Panhandle stage, we’ll think twice before writing anything nasty.” Henry Hauser

“If the old saying, “All hat & no cattle,” is supposed describe pretty boys and girls pretending to be country; Nocona would be all well-whiskey, cigarettes and f**k-you’s…and no hat.” – Pinpoint Music

“Blending high energy with songs that paint a picture for listeners, NOCONA recall memories of setting suns, crisp surf and ageless desert. Formed by husband and wife team of Chris and Adrienne Isom and their friends, the collection gave songs Chris wrote years earlier new life.” – Travel Hymns     

“Growing up in the 70′s , I was very much into the whole California Sound, from early Fleetwood Mac all the way back to The Byrds, it was a history filled with great bands and fantastic music built around harmonies and lyrics. I’m beginning to find it pointless to try and point out who a band reminds me of or what they sound like. Too many of these new bands take from various bands that are not all that alike, mix that up and come out with something that doesn’t quite fit one “label”. Nocona is just such a band. Beautiful harmonies, great music filled with memories of past legends with just enough of their own talent to say , “if you want to listen to a new Band that sounds great, has talented musicians, beautiful Harmonies, give a listen to Nocona.” – 50thirdand3rd

“Nocona is one of the most promising frontrunners of the Americana revival scene as of late.” – Moxipop





   video courtesy of Roman Gokham