New Elouise Video "I'll Fly Away"

Elouise And The Alternate Root Magazine Premiere The Video “I’ll Fly Away” --A dark Blackgrass rendition of the 1927 original song by Albert E. Brumley. 

ALTADENA CA - The Elouise version of “I’ll Fly Away” is a dark Blackgrass rendition of the 1927 original song written by Albert E. Brumley. The vintage Bluegrass standard refers to death and the afterlife as the ultimate freedom from this life and it’s struggles. Brumley’s version has a very upbeat tempo and delivery. Elouise deconstructs the song and takes it to the dark side bringing it waaaay down. The lyrics and revised musical composition deliver a somber and more sinister outlook on the impossibility for true happiness in this mortal world. “I’ll Fly Away” was the first song Elouise recorded and was the seed for Elouise debut album “Deep Water”. 

The video features cameo appearances by Cesar Davila-Irizarry, the creator of the American Horror Story theme song. Cesar recently collaborated with Elouise on an “I’ll Fly Away” remix taking it to the industrial world along with a handful of other tracks soon to be released online. 

John Philip Shenale (The Forrest Rangers, Reluctant Apostles, Tori Amos, SOA) also makes a cameo appearance and added string and instrumental arrangements to the song. 

The video features band members: Elouise, John Chamberlin, William Bongiovanni and Michelle Beauchesne on cello. 

Directed by Ernie Gilbert.