Just Released! Andrea Stray's "Into Blue"


The 5-Song EP Reveals The Blue Undercurrents Of Attraction And The Ever Dark Mystery Of Love 

Stray is one of the American Songwriter Magazine Lyric contest winners for July/August 2017 



A veteran musician and resident of both San Francisco and Nashville, Andrea Stray is skilled at creating moods with both lyrics and music.  Her last CD Vacancy was a collection of songs with varied moods and subjects capturing the element of desolation to the blessed feeling of a desert rain after a hot day.  With Into Blue, the artist continues to write songs that let you get lost in the rhythms, textures and stories. Not feeling the need to stick to any one genre, Stray skirts the darker edges of Americana and flirts with Indie Noir in the manner of Neko Case or Lera Lynn. 

Praise for Into Blue: 

"A stunning array of lyrics that express the emotion of these songs, Stray is a natural with words keeping it simple but still equally heartfelt..."--Thinking Lyrically 

"In a lot of ways, this reminds you of Emmylou's left turn into "Wrecking Ball" where her country diva roots were being uprooted into something new."--Midwest Record 

"A fantastic and brutally honest set of songs, Into Blue is the flirtation with America everybody deserves and wants."--Liverpool Sound & Vision 

"Her vocals carry a nostalgic, classic country sound."--JP's Music Blog/Record Journal Newspaper 

"(Into Blue) has a chill western vibe to it--relaxing and refreshing and flows like water."--Sister Dorothy 

Praise for Vacancy

"Andrea's words and phrasings are as good as anything else I've heard this year…All of the songs are little stories with a beginning, middle and an end evoking pictures of scoundrels, dusty roads, run-down motels and strange people inhabiting strange bars in strange towns.”—Maverick Magazine 

Andrea's got a great voice and she comes up with some extremely strong melodies and lyrics. Ten gutsy, tasty cuts including "Vacancy," "Desert Rain," "Nothing New," and "Tastes Like A Heartache." -- Baby Sue Zine 

“A wonderfully moody and atmospheric disc that shows off Andrea Stray's many talents." --Folk and Acoustic Magazine 

"...An all original set of quality tunes, well told tales of heartache and damaged souls set against a back-drop of small town bars and jukebox nights, highlights for me Desert Rain, Whiskey Lie, You Shot Me and the title track Vacancy, one of those albums for the highways and byways it travels well..." --Beat Surrender