Congratulations to Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah on their self-titled debut!


The record release party at Milk in San Francisco was a sold-out show!  The album is now available worldwide on iTunes.  Look for the vinyl copy available on Amazon this week.



Just voted one of the "Best Up-And-Coming Bay Area Bands of2014" by CBS Local Television

Featured in Shindig! Magazineon the U.S. stands  February 17th and keep your eye on Innocent Words Magazine and Hittin' the Note Magazine! 

"This San Francisco-based band’s organ-spiced music isanachronistic in the best way: it incorporates more than a hint of psychedeliaand potent lead guitar and recalls the most anthemic tracks of Guns ’n’ Roses;I’m also reminded of more obscure 70s groups like Nektar and Pavlov’s Dog. LeeGallagher, who wrote all of the material, is an intense and arresting vocalist,and his band is top-notch."--The Morton Report

"There’sno arguing with the talent and skill on display on San Franciscan blues belterLee Gallagher’s debut. With their mix of psychedelic organ, earthy blues rockand huge gospel flourishes, his band have clearly been striving for perfection,and this album suggests they want to be taken very seriously indeed."--ClassicRock Magazine

“A heady mix of retro tube-ampfuzz, heartland tales and instrumentation, and modern alt grit, this is one ofthe more ear-opening acts to come from Frisco…and for that matter the WestCoast… in a long time. “– MW, MusicMorsels

“Hallelujah!Truly great music is on the horizon! It has made its way “through the mountainpass” that is saturated with bedroom technology, auto tune and ProTool enhancedrecordings from artists who cannot perform their music live. Let’s just hopethe music industry gets it right, and perhaps we can be part of Lee Gallagherand The Hallelujah’s rise to forefront of today’s music.” --Coachella ValleyWeekly

"Criticsare raving about Lee Gallagher & The Hallelujah, particularly Gallagher’sNeil Young and Robert Plant-esque vocal intonations, framed by the band’s“hazy, folk-rock, Americana style.” --Red Dirt Reporter, OK

"CanI get a Hallelujah?"--Flagstaff Live  top picks

An exciting brew of Americana, psychedelia and gospelsensibilities, Lee Gallagher & The Hallelujah proffers an excitingresponse to the banality of “What do roots acts nowadays have to offer?” Theanswer: a hell of lot, buddy.”—JakeTully, Moxipop/Turnstyled Junkpiled

It’s a piece of cake to trace the influences, thewinds blowing through the sails of Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah’s“Gloryland.” Simply list the best Rock-N-Roll groups of the last 50 years,throw in a few Country music bands, some Indies and Laurel Canyon Folkharmonies and there you have it. If the song were a haunted house, Neil Youngwould lead the apparitions’ festivities. Gallagher’s voice can’t help but makeus recall a youthful Neil’s ghostly, tremulous, high-pitched singing.”—Song Mango

"The way rock n roll used to be played is back in vogue thanks to bandslike Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah…Fantastic voice for the style, it’s like2014 meets up with the greats from the Laurel Canyon era."--50thirdand3rdmusic blog

"LeeGallagher and the Hallelujah’s self titled album not only has charisma, butlike Steve Marriott’s time with both Humble Pie and The Small Faces, the sexuallyrical allure and driving passion of Bon Scott and Jim Morrison and theintrigue and real human life stories that binds together John Dexter Jones workare mixed with fruitful conviction throughout the 11 songs on offer by KirbyLee Hammell, Jacob Landrey, Kevin Grapski, Joe Miller and of course LeeGallagher."--Liverpool Sound and Vision

“Whenmusic fans think of great singer-songwriters, they might think of Neil Youngand when they think of powerful voices they might think of Robert Plant.Perhaps the generation of today and tomorrow, they might think of Lee Gallagheras both.”--Bay Area Examiner

“Hazyfolk rock-Americana that gives a serious nod to the musical aesthetics ofCrosby, Stills, Nash and Young, but Gallagher’s voice upholds a particularlyrecognizable nod to Neil Young.” --The Deli