AJ Hobbs "Too Much Is Never Enough" Releases!

AJ Hobbs releases  Too Much Is Never Enough  co-produced with Ted Russell Kamp
Video Trailer for "Too Much Is Never Enough" as premiered by The Alternative Root Magazine

AJ Hobbs just recently spent a week showcasing in Nashville. 
Here's a clip from his appearance on "Today in Nashville"

L.A.’s own AJ Hobbs—Too Much Is Never Enough LA RELEASE PARTIES! 


February 18th CD Release Saturday  
@ Escondite/ King’s Inn 9pm/ free show  410 Boyd Street
February 19th CD Release Sunday Whiskey Bent and Hellhound Series  
@ Harvard & Stone 9pm/ free show 5221 Hollywood Boulevard 


Nominated for a 2017 Ameripolitan Award in the category of 'Outlaw Male' 

Saving Country Music - "Most Anticipated Albums of 2017" 

"5 Stars" - Roots Music Report 

Featured on The Bluegrass Situation 

"Hobbs delivers an album that is lyrically and sonically compelling; all the while being unabashedly honest in conveying a man’s weaknesses and strengths in a manner that is sincere, immediate, and relatable. Even though it’s only January, Too Much Is Never Enough is an early sure thing that will undoubtedly be found on many a best of year end lists." - The Daily Country 

He assures his listeners in his ability to write and interpret country music the way it was meant to be heard, evidently, all at once, as a backroads-country outlaw and a soulful modern gentleman altogether."--Pop Matters

"AJ Hobbs has a style that mixes in equal parts Travis Tritt, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings...I wouldn’t be surprised to see him amongst the nominees for next year’s Grammies." - LA Music Critic 

"Mighty fine job - 8/10" - Americana UK 

"AJ makes hardcore shitkicking 70s country like his daddy was Jerry Jeff Walker and his mother was one of those undefeatable women from Terry Allen's Lubbock (On Everything)" - LA Record 

"Hobbs seems to get the [country/soul] balance right so that it is overall a country album with an undercurrent of soul. Hobbs is a welcome addition to those exponents of California country music we know and love."- Lonesome Highway (Ireland) 

“There’s an old saying about blues musicians who had no formal training and yet could unload a gut-wrenching, soulful composition about life or love or maybe just an old dirt road: “it in him, and it got to get out.”  There’s a country outlaw version of that in the first full-length album from California native AJ Hobbs, Too Much Is Never Enough.  Easily half the songs on the record could be the theme song for many a country musician, famous or not, real or imagined.”—Twangville 

“AJ has a strong, almost archetypal country voice that is more Sturgill Simpson than Chris Stapleton to my ears. The band playing here really is outstanding as well; full of lovely little fills, trills and runs while never missing a beat…His sound cleverly captures a contemporary twist on the country traditions where he never strays far from the ubiquitous themes of drinking, travelling , loss and redemption, yet never sounds anything less than current and relevant.”—Fatea (UK) 

"The 12 strong song album is one of storm, of pained beauty...a great album for 2017...8.5/10" - Liverpool Sound + Vision (UK)

"Too Much Is Never Enough sounds like a spitfire country album complete with the fast-picking electric guitar and wailing pedal steel" -- Santa Maria Sun 

“Occasionally an album arrives that is just so country that it blows you away.  California raised AJ Hobbs did just that with his album, Too Much Is Never Enough…This is real country music and (an album) that real country fans will treasure.”—Country Music and Dance (Scotland) 

“This album features some honest, shit-kicking country tunes driven by guitar and vocals.”—Michael’s Music Log 

“It’s fair to say Country Music like this never went away; no matter what the good people on Music Row and the radio stations would have you believe. Dale Watson has been a flag-bearer with his ‘Ameripolitan’ take on the genre and over the last couple of years there’s been a hatful of albums from the likes of Frankie Lee, Sam Outlaw, Sturgill Simpson and of course our very own Ags Connolly; all reviewed very positively on these pages and AJ Hobbs is every inch the ‘real deal’ and sits shoulder to shoulder with all of those guys; as well as the originators that they all listened to in their bedrooms.”—Rocking Magpie (UK) 

“AJ Hobbs can write songs, which he proves with class here. Moreover, he chooses a hearty accompaniment of guitars, pedal steel and fiddle, and when joined by his lyrics makes it even more powerful. Handsome debut!”—Keys and Chords (Belgium) 

“If the new Nashville ain't doing it for you, this is where you want to be when the gloves come off. Well done throughout.”—Midwest Record 

“Retro is fresh in country parlance and AJ Hobbs is a fresh as a beer in a cold glass from a newly tapped keg in a honky tonk on paycheck night.”—Music Morsels 

“In today's world of main stream country AJ's songs are refreshing and real. He doesn't sugar coat it for the audience, he tells it like it is.”—Sister Dorothy’s Music Blog 

AJ Hobbs is a California boy, but there’s a whole lot of Texas in his heart. 

Hobbs doesn’t just make country music—he makes what he likes to call Outlaw Soul. His music brings the spirit and storytelling of the great country outlaws and melds it with a sweet soulful sound inspired by Texas music, R&B, and gospel. 

Hobbs played his very first country show (under the pseudonym Cal King) opening for Shooter Jennings. Soon after he met a fine Houston woman who not only helped to steer him straight but also gave him the idea to bring the soul music that he loved so much into his country sound. 

AJ Hobbs’ music is all about turning his own memories into song and moving the folks who can’t forget theirs either. His upcoming full-length debut Too Much Is Never Enough was co-produced with Ted Russell Kamp and features 9 original songs that are all his story plus 3 songs written by other songwriters. 

The album is full of performances by some of the top brass in the country music and soul worlds, including Brian Whelan (Dwight Yoakam), John Schreffler, Jr. (Billy Joe Shaver), Storm Rhode IV (Moot Davis, James Intveld), Jeremy Long (Sam Outlaw) and Makeda Francisco (Rose Royce). The album was mastered by Grammy Award winner Pete Lyman who has worked with Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, and Jason Isbell. 

Too Much Is Never Enough out February 17, 2017.