Thanks to Showtime’s “The Affair,” the public will get a glimpse of Greg Felden’s debut, full-length album early. “When the Change Comes” will be featured in the show’s second episode of the season, which premieres June 24th. The song, which presents an apocalypse both as a reality we seem to increasingly contemplate and as a metaphor for how we respond to what life throws at us, features Brian Whelan (Dwight Yoakam) on lead guitar and backing vocals and Jerry Borger (Ziggy Marley, Jonathan Wilson) on the Hammond B3 organ.

Made of Strings, Greg’s first full-length record slated for release this year, is a dynamic, impassioned collection of tunes that resonate with feeling and reflect the full range of his influences, including the folk and country music he was raised on and the indie songwriters of the Pacific Northwest. It was produced by Al Sgro and Will Golden, known for their work with Eric Hutchinson, Joe Purdy, and Brian Wright, at The Chalet Studio in Los Angeles.

Felden grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and spent several years on the East coast. Now based in L.A., he is a staple of the Americana scene, where his finely-crafted songs and captivating delivery have been generating significant buzz, whether he’s putting on an intimate solo show or turning it up with his stellar band.


“This is some of the best, most impacting music that I’ve heard in a very long time. The songs are very powerful… I see a lot of really good things for him in the future. Greg Felden. Remember that name.”– Nico Martini, American Highway


“Felden’s songwriting is firmly rooted in the tradition of the great folk poets, delivered simply and truthfully while reflecting back our own pathos through his music.”- Kat Griffin, Americana Matinee