A Genre-Spanning Album From An Artist With Something To Say


Guest Producers on this album are Grammy Award winning Andros Rodriguez (Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Florence + the Machine) | Alex Arias (Cher, Santana, Joe Cocker) | Gene Micofsky (Composer, Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist) | Khalid Philipe AKA Lid (Republic Records/Interscope)

Los Angeles, CA April 15, 2019—Originally from New York City, and now based in Los Angeles, Christina LaRocca grew up in an Italian family full of musicians and singers. While in NYC, she was an active blues and soul musician and since moving to LA in 2014 she has found her music influenced by the sounds of the Southwest.  Her latest record, These Are My Whiskey Dreams... is a brilliantly crafted bridge between the two cities and blends heartfelt soul with her influences by an array of genres from alternative rock to Americana to reggae.

LaRocca’s inspired vocals unify the elements on These Are My Whiskey Dreams... and serve as a lodestar for her collection of guest producers. “I was able to work on this album with some truly incredible producers,” LaRocca explains.  “It just kind of happened. I started working with Andros (Rodriguez), but then he had to go on the Shakira world tour and I wanted to continue recording. Alex Arias was reaching out and after talking for a bit, I agreed to do some songs with him.  Gene (Micofsky) is my guitarist, but also a producer, so I said, ‘Why don’t you record one?’ It’s my first time working with Lid as well, who I met at a Grammy event. Some people may think that there are too many flavors on this album, but I feel it’s perfectly balanced and truly represents me as an artist. It keeps things interesting instead of hearing the same song again and again.”

The 8 songs of These Are My Whiskey Dreams... kick off with the western-tinged, “A Man Like You”, which will be released as a single on May 3rd.  It’s a song that is based on the artist putting faith into a relationship and moving across the country for the commitment.  “When working on it with Andros,” she remembers, “I felt he really got a sense of the road vibe. You feel like you are traveling the country when listening to the song.”

“Home” was written three years after LaRocca left NYC.  “Gene Micofsky, who has been at my side with his guitar since I arrived in LA, plays a gentle slide part that compliments the vocals in the chorus so well, it’s a musical understanding,” LaRocca notes.  “Then Jake Pinto’s (leadman of The Yeahtones) warming piano solo comes in, and it just encapsulates the nostalgic feeling of the song.” The catchy reggae-influenced tune “Smoke Marijuana” will be released on April 19th, just in time for the cannabis culture celebration date of 4/20. “Who doesn’t love reggae? Or a little weed once in a while?” asks LaRocca.  “We also live in California, where it has been legalized, and it’s liberating. I was worried about how people would digest this song since the vibe is different from the rest of the album. Most of the songs on this album have a serious tone, so I felt this was the perfect way to light it up!”

“Whiskey Dreams” is the oldest song on the record and the chorus is the title to the album. I’ve been performing it for some time, so it is cathartic to finally set it to tape. The song starts off sparse, but builds in a powerful way as LaRocca digs in soulfully on vocals singing, “You only say you love me / When you been drinkin’  /Whiskey and soda in your glass Man I’m sinkin’ / I do not make a sound / As you order another round / ‘cause… I like what I’m hearin’ / It takes two to play the game as I pretend to feel the same /But it’s wrong, so wrong and you know it”

So what is a whiskey dream?  LaRocca theorizes, “it’s not necessarily about being the one doing the drinking, but the alcohol is now part of the equation or relationship. You dream about happier days. Then you too, try to drink it away, you try to sleep, you try to forget, but your whiskey dreams keep you awake at night.” The album ends with another rocker that has a big vocal punch, “Breathe”.

Known for touring heavily in both the U.S. and Europe, the millennial has shared the stage with Billie Joe (Green Day), VV Brown, Rachel Platten and many others.  LaRocca’s accomplishments include recording an album and EP with her prior band, ‘Christina LaRocca & Heavy Weather’ (Miles of Mud, 2008, Fire EP 2010) before going solo in 2011. She received critical acclaim for both solo releases, I Stand Tall With My Eyes Wide Open (2011) and Child of the Sun (EP 2017), which introduced her to Americana audiences. The 2-song EP compliments These Are My Whiskey Dreams... and will be bonus tracks on the physical copies of the album.  In 2018 she had the honor of composing and performing music for Chelsea Clinton’s audio book, “She Persisted Around the World: 13 Women Who Changed History.”

“I’m pretty sure my last full-length got people laid a lot,” LaRocca jokes.  “My new songs are different, a bit more empowering. There was a point while I was living in Los Angeles where I stopped playing music and was working a soulless job, hating my life. I decided enough was enough and found an incredible voice teacher, Tania Solomon, who brought me back to life, and now I’m vocally stronger than I’ve ever been. I booked a show at Genghis Cohen in Hollywood, and coincidentally, Annie Lennox was in the audience supporting her daughter’s band who played before me. I poured everything I had into that set. Annie took notice right away and stayed for the entire set, and sat down right in front of me. Like, right in front of me. Afterward, we chatted and she insisted I pursue my music. After that, I quit my job, and started working on this record.”

“I’m 34 now,” LaRocca states.  “I am a stronger writer, player, and all around human being now than I ever was.  I feel I have something to say and I’m not afraid to say it. So many women feel that if they’re not married with kids by the time they hit 30, that they have in someway failed at life.  Of course, that is not true. It also does not matter where you are in life, you can do anything you set your mind to, if you truly want it (this goes for anyone). Fear is a state of mind, and as soon as you stop being afraid, the sooner you can start living your life. Do not be afraid to be strong, to lead, to speak up, to stand up for yourself, pursue your dreams, and start believing in you.”

On the mix of influences on These Are My Whiskey Dreams..., LaRocca says this, “I’m not afraid to be who I am anymore. I don’t like the idea of labels or a linear path—’she’s this kind of artist, or that kind of artist, or this album isn’t enough of this or has enough of that’—I’ve been inspired by so many different kinds of music and experiences in my life. You will truly hear a little bit of all on this record. I’m glad I did it this way.”


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