New Video From Nashville's Jon Byrd- "Ballad of Jr. and Lloyd"!

From his newly released EP, Me and Paul 

WATCH "Ballad of Junior and Lloyd" 

“Ballad of Junior & Lloyd” was written by Jon’s friend, James Kelly.  It’s Paul Niehaus on pedal steel guitar and Jon on guitar and vocals.  Jon Byrd is a seasoned songwriter and performer of songs of heartache.   His  longtime friendship with this song’s writer adds a rich dimension to the song’s performance. Give it a listen, and then place this one on your top shelf songwriting collection.  “Junior and Lloyd were good buddies.” —Americana Highways 

“Ballad of Jr. and Lloyd” was written by my long-time best pal James Kelly in Atlanta, GA. My coming of age playing and recording country music was with James and his band Slim Chance and the Convicts. This song speaks to friendship that your lucky to find once in a whole lifetime.” — Jon Byrd 

"Ballad of Jr. and Lloyd" from the album 'Me and Paul' 

Jon Byrd on Guitar and Vocals 

Paul Niehaus on Pedal Steel Guitar 

Recorded & Engineered by Joe V. McMahan at Wow & Flutter Studio Nashville, TN 

Mastering Engineer: Alex McCollough at True East Mastering Nashville, TN 

Produced by Joe V. McMahan Executive Producer: Friends of Longleaf Pine Records 

Video and Editing by Dave Coleman at Howard's Apartment Studio, Inglewood, TN 

Thanks to Meghan Lightell & Derek Greene for the time in their backyard. 


"Ballad of Jr. & Lloyd"  (written by James Kelly) 

Jr. & Lloyd were good buddies 

They ran a little business up the hill 

Jr. & Lloyd made lots of money 

Sellin’ homemade whisky from a still 

Jr. he was a family man 

Lloyd was loyal to none 

Jr. only did it for the money 

Lloyd said he did it for the fun 

BR: They never said a word about the danger 

They never showed a single ounce of fear 

Deep inside they both had felt the presence 

Of a dark cloud that lingered so near 

Lloyd had a recipe for moonshine 

Jr. had a way with a car 

Lloyd drove that suped-up Chrysler thru those border towns 

Jr. kept it runnin’ fast and far 

A 1,000 lbs. of steel and copper tubing 

Kept the whiskey drippin’ night & day 

4,000 thousand lbs. of bondo, steel, and rubber 

Delivered mountain dew the fastest way 

BR: One night those Revenuers lucky-guessed Lloyd’s secret route 

And set the roadblock up around the bend 

Jr. saw the ball of fire and reached for Flossy’s hand 

And shed a farewell tear from his best friend 

Now Jr. makes a livin’ fixin’ up those real fast cars 

Watching them go ‘round and ‘round and ‘round 

He wishes Lloyd was out there he’d be runnin’ w/the best 

Ol’ Lloyd would rather die than let you down 

Jr. & Lloyd were good buddies 

Ran a little business up the hill 

Jr. & Lloyd made lots of money 

Sellin’ homemade whisky from a still