January 21st 2014 Releases

  David Serby & The Latest Scam



"(David Serby) has credited Rockpile – The Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds’ band – with the inspiration to make this roots rock/beat country double album. Which is part British Invasion, part twang but always vibrant and hook filled. Song like Amnesia and When Couples Fall In Love are testimony to that. Over the twenty tracks that feeling is reinforced. Some are closer to a country feel than others but whatever direction Serby takes the song he does it with conviction."--Lonesome Highway

"Playing catchy roots rock with an at times uncanny resemblance to an American Gerry Colvin, Serby’s a California singer-songwriter with a strong pop sensibility and a clear awareness of the power of ringing guitar that should appeal to those with the likes of the dBs, Matthew Sweet and early Tom Petty in their collection."--Roots and Branches

Serby is so consistently good that even when he has the nerve to call his group The Latest Scam, you don’t at all feel cheated in any way. Instead, he’s just having a little fun with his music and image. Think of this as an unexpected wrinkle in the ever-evolving tapestry that is David Serby’s continually expanding style."--The Examiner
"Not only does David Serby have an affinity, a sort of undisputed empathy with the emotions of humanity; the desire to get deep down and dirty in the psychology of what drives us all, but his way of getting that affinity across is almost pure and full. He has that great skill of being able to hear without speaking, for listening with full attention and giving a song of great humour and emotion in return in the album David Serby & The Great Scam."--Liverpool Sound and Vision
"First class anti pop for those who don’t like the mainstream but aren’t too comfortable straying too far from it, this might be what Lou Reed could have sounded like if he took shock therapy on a regular basis. Fun stuff for the decidedly left of center taste."--Midwest Record
"David has one of those voices that is excellent in its subtleties – he doesn’t have to push the envelope or over-sing to convey his feelings with his natural pipes. The musicianship is tight and has enough high-end talent to make you notice within the confines of even the strongest songs."--Music Morsels
"What he wound up doing was cranking the amps to 11 with a rocking four-piece comprised of himself, Tree, bassist Greg Boaz (Dave Alvin, Tex & the Horseheads) and drummer Dale Daniel (Hacienda Brothers). The new tunes bolster Serby’s reputation as a literate wordsmith, and the heart-wrenching “Better With My Hands” (an older song that didn’t fit on either of his last two albums) stands as one of the most emotionally potent songs he’s ever composed."--Pasadena Weekly
"Vibrant, intriguingly textured and tantalizingly piquant, the venture is packed shoulder-toshoulder with hooks, intoxicating narratives, and an abundance of head-turning instrumental charms."--DC Larson, Rebel Music


Saturday, January 25th at the legendary Cinema Bar w/Patrolled by Radar No Charge/  3967 N. Sepulveda Culver City, CA http://www.thecinemabar.com/

2/1/14 @ Hermosa Saloon  9pm  211 Pacific Coast Highway  Hermosa Beach, CA  w/The Buttonholes  box office:  310-974-9060

As part of the band, The Jolenes 1/24/14 @ The Cinema Bar

Kandia Crazy Horse


"Soul in country music is not a new idea, as anyone who has every listened to Hank Williams Sr, Johnny Cash or Patsy Cline can attest to. Kandia Crazy Horse just has found a way to bring that into the 21st century and it works marvelously."--Music Morsels

"Long time rock critic and author Kandia Crazy Horse makes a smooth transition to singer-songwriter-performer on her debut album…Crisp production, outstanding musicianship and Kandia’s countrified soul chops makes Stampede a sound late entry for one of the year’s best albums."--The InterroBang!

"Former Creative Loafing music editor Kandia Crazy Horse is delving deeper into the field she so often writes about by releasing some music of her own. She's put out a lyric video for her debut single, "California."The slow-rolling tune features her soulful vocals over a backdrop of acoustic and steel pedal guitar. It's a solid start quickly showcasing her vocal range and tone and we look forward to hearing more."--Creative Loafing

"As far as Americana goes, this writer is always looking for something new to love and adore. So when the latest song from relative unknown Kandia Crazy Horse slid its way into the inbox, this guy was pretty excited. Then the song played and hot damn, this is a name to keep an eye on. Equal parts Southern gospel, soul, blues and Americana, “California” is an enveloping, intoxicating and arresting array of first-rate songwriting, effortless vocals and some of the best five minutes of Americana this writer has heard this year from someone not named Isbell or Fulks."-Resident Media Pundit
"Every so often you come across an album that just stops you in your tracks and you just can’t believe what you’re hearing…With each track being a bag breaker and a mind blower, this is a clarion call for jaded ears waiting to take it to the next level of the game.  Hot stuff throughout."--Midwest Record

"It’s clear that Kandia wrote the majority of this material herself. Her delivery has the honesty and specificity of emotion that only a writer can impart. She is also incredibly versatile. Stampede is equal parts folk and soul, with a touch of rock going down a distinctly rural road."--Parcbench

"I’ve been enjoying the new country/soul crossover album called Stampede by Kandia Crazy Horse . She’s got a rare sense of the dramatic wide open spaces and yearning soul in these songs. I’m adding “California,” “Congo Square,” “Cabin In The Woods,” and “Cowgirls.”--Americana Music Show

-Interview with MEOW (Music for Equal Opportunities for Women): http://meowonline.org/kandia-crazyhorse/

-"She's Country Strong and She is Black!"  Read about Kandia in Black News:  http://www.blacknews.com/news/kandia_crazy_horse_new_black_country_artist101.shtml#.UsWyGfZbEXw

-Press release on Americana Daily: http://www.americanadaily.com/2013/10/kandia-crazy-horse-releases-first.html

-Read about Kandia in the Huffington Post: